Filling in the dance

Dance for women is a form filling. It is the art of living feminine, because a woman can live only in those activities that fill her. Actions not filling drain women both physically and spiritually.

Only after a woman just bring yourself to the level and quality for which there is filling, it can carry the true qualities of women. Filling is the concept of quality of life given by nature, which determines the physiological and emotional needs of women.

The woman on the nature inherent motherly. And it is a process that allows you to not only live, but also to create. Unfilled impossible to obtaining power, no power can not support and belief in herself. In the presence of forces within the reduced dependence and the need to search for meaningless (devoid of any meaning, filling the external actions, which only help to forget, lost in a sea of ​​different actions).

Filling is the breath of women, this condition is normal and the quality of stay, based on the storage process, pregnancy and confinement, that is, those functions that define true beauty.

The filling has a bracer, feeding flower that gives life and creates conditions for development. The woman is not able to fill, not only unable to be in the process of development, but also in the state of implementation.

The filling has a dance, nourishing and inspiring nature of women. The dance, which is not determined by physical and technical characteristics, and rhythm that allows you to acquire and develop internal support. As the land is filled by the action of natural rhythm, performing the dance of the universe, and the woman is able to be in the phases of ebb and flow, not only by the will of the moon, but also of their own accord, involving himself in such a way, in the process of control over their content . A woman’s body should be constantly fed and bathed all the essences of life glances men singing serenades, sound internal pulse, feelings, smells, and so on. D.

All this creates a unified nature of sound. Brimming with a woman in the first place fills my heart. She finds the inner sound, which makes her every gesture, every step of the natural phenomenon. Phenomena that controls herself.

The woman – is the element, soft and malleable when it is in harmony and raging and uncontrollable when this harmony there. Staying in quality, full of the stay, the woman exudes divine essence, sprinkling it all that is around her. Being in the same unrestrained, uncontrolled during his life, it becomes a destructive force, destroying not only the rhythm of his personality, but also the surrounding rhythm.