Bellydance – an alchemical dance

All the dances can be classified in accordance with the efforts that they ask. Such efforts can not be more than fifteen, as it is so much the qualities inherent nature (although it should be noted that each quality may have different forms of manifestation, so they may well also be provided by some large, colorful bouquet). Each type of dance – a pearl, but a number of the diversity of dance stands out alchemical dance for women, which is the belly dance (belly dance), t. N. “belly dance”. The basic meaning of this dance lies precisely in the knowledge of the art filling and inner change.

Belly dancing is an art reunification woman with his inner nature, with its uterus. Bellydance practice has deep roots and knowledge associated with the ability to be in the natural law, that is in the law that allows reuniting the nature of physical and spiritual.

Bellydance teaches connection with herself, the woman offers to find herself. But first it is essential to look at themselves and their lives from the outside, because it is only by looking at ourselves aloof, we can objectively evaluate themselves, their actions and their beliefs.

Dance brings to the definition and alignment of relations not only in themselves, but also links with the place, society. By learning to pay attention to themselves and their connections, learning to be satisfied (content) of their actions, we learn prostraivaniya all around you, not just about finding and the correct order in which each subject is his place. Here we have come to the realization of the concept. Dance becomes a teacher who not only fills and gives us the strength, but also learns to apply it correctly.

If you do not reach the implementation – both internal and external – through dance, it means you have not yet started to dance. You bring to your understanding of the dance, which may differ from the true understanding of this action. As a result, you do not allow the dance to teach you, and begin to use it, like everything else around them. This is a false path.