Dance as a path

All that we are doing after gaining inspiration, called By, in this moment there is not only a dance heart (inspiration), but also consciousness. Thus, it appears that between dance at the beginning of his study and dance is a way, a very long distance. And only then, when the dance will truly be for you the way you will find in reality the happiness of stay, which is determined by your actions here and now.

Thus, any action you do, sooner or later become a path where every step is an act incarnation implementation. Oh, and most importantly, there is no doubt that you will not lose, but only to acquire and create, create, and play.

Here I would like to point out another important aspect of a woman dancing associated with purification. You see, it is believed that, coming into the world, we are not only the positive features, but also some negative quality features, from which we must free ourselves in our lives. This is another reason that dance should be considered not as a set of movements, and on a larger scale – as the Way, even if we have a partial understanding, or are only at the initial stage of knowledge of the process.

Dance is an art – knowing philosophy. And like any action, it requires some effort, a certain act of forgiveness, an act of compassion, which purifies you and your action or clear someone from violating the law, and, above all, on the violation of the principles of the spirit.

This symbol should clearly understand and be aware of every form of activity of our business. This is especially true of dance, because here we refer mainly to themselves, plunging into a deep, intimate communion with ourselves.

The dance requires the dancer obligatory passage through the inner purification, otherwise it will never turn off. The difficulty here lies in the fact that any act of virtue, compassion or forgiveness requires us certain rights and confidence that we can do it. Each of us can give the designation to another person and his action to make certain judgments. However, the real right to it, none of us, in fact, does not matter. Do not attach yourself to a certain effort and not taking the path of understanding of its nature, its value and quality, we are not able to assess anyone giving objective definitions.

We are simply unable to connect energy objective judgment and analysis with the acts committed. And the only one who can really put the quality of their energy in the words that he knows how to draw in more suitable ideas can articulate their views and be responsible for it. In any other case we have shown themselves as people who are not responsible for your words, and become hostage to irresponsible actions and decisions.

Thus, in the beginning of the study dance should be a tool understanding of its nature. However, developing ourselves, we must understand that has not been achieved some real understanding of what you are doing and why you do it, you can not express even semi opinion with respect to the subject of the act. Anyone who is in a particular phase of the imperfections, prompting him to commit certain acts. In the phase of knowledge need to move away from judgment, discussions and other aspects that can distract you from the action, and even destroy the existing one.