Dancing as a job

Since ancient times, people worshiped as the filling of the form of divine manifestation. The woman – a vessel in which there should always be bracer. To maintain the quality and vitality of the people of the vessel created dance. Rather, they came to him naturally as a process that not only filled but also absorb the energy that can be transformed in the process of dance.

While dancing, the woman learns to relate their needs with quality accommodation. Her needs are beginning to rely on the internal (spiritual) search and not on the outside, when she follows the rhythm and conditions, it is often not relevant to the real needs and opportunities. All external activity of women is determined by its content. If this content is not available or it is not enough, a woman rushes into a chaotic dance, transforming their lives in pursuit of nothing!

Even in the midst of events and actions, this woman does not know how to orient themselves in relation to them, which leads to a situation in which the events, rather rob the woman time and energy than fill it. In this case, the woman becomes part of the process, not the process – part of it!

Brimming with a woman is in a state of change. The ability to change allows her to live her life, not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. Like the Moon passing through fifteen changes in its total turnover, a woman can get fifteen different sensual essences. As the moon has four forms of accommodation (seasonal), and a woman has four distinct forms of life in a single cycle.

It turns out that the woman within a year home to 60 form an inner change. However, to really feel it, it is important to learn how to fill the woman herself. Thus, for women dance becomes a condition that supports her life in terms of container, for the dance – it is the knowledge of the condition of its nature, its maintenance and development.