Inspiration and development

Coming close to the realization of the symbolic significance of dance, you are confronted with the following symbol of the dance associated with inspiration. This is a very interesting aspect, which is often defined as a primary, based on the existing quality of the dancing. I want to stay a little bit on this, because there is something to get your attention. Many explain the reason and the quality of the generation of the product of inspiration. That is the inspiration they provide primary and primary truth of wisdom, which we discussed above. This is mistake.

From the standpoint of the real development of inspiration without wisdom is at a lower level of creation (even if the inspiration allows us to express their act in the form of a sverhdeystviya or sverhsobytiya) than, for example, a constant, but the natural routine activity.

It is appropriate to analyze, for example, Van Gogh, Paganini and many other greats. You can arbitrarily long talk about their greatness in self-expression in art. Undoubtedly, it is. But we must understand that we are discussing within the framework of the concepts they are not the results of a certain creation, implemented in one form or another, and certain conditions that allowed these people to replace all of the previous characters, stages of their work. Do not develop itself, namely to replace. Due to the circumstances in the lives of these people shape their energy was so changed and so focused on a certain condition, it allowed them to express the inspiration that pushed them “sverhtvorit.”

Supercreations is not in this aspect of the result of the work of these people, it should be considered either as a consequence of the implementation of the conditions in which they were born or how to follow and depending on certain circumstances of life. The creation has to be a discipline: it supports naturalness. A natural breeds wisdom that is part of a conscious act.

Relatively speaking, if we come to any psychiatric hospital, we will find many potential Van Gogh, which for the full implementation is just not enough of certain external conditions, so-called “external Dance.” However, the internal state of the difference between the nominal Van Gogh or Paganini and psychiatric patients may not be at all. That is, the latter is also a need in terms of a state, however, they are not adequate to bring it into this world. If you show them how to do it, we will get new creators, is not worse than the great classics and masters of the past.

However, it is very important not to forget that the act of creation – it is always a two-way process: besides, who does must be the presence of someone who is able to understand. It makes appeal to certain properties of human consciousness. If the consciousness of the perceiver linked to a specific act of creation, it behaves something, and if not, anyway. We have understanding their movement, his eyes, his ears, his time and place. The same Van Gogh, for example, for a long time, no one understood.