Physiology of belly dance: the uterus as the center of the dance

Any dance must be the center, in the center of the belly dance so is the queen. If you do not dance with respect to her womb, then you have not come to the true concept of the dance, you just do a set of exercises. In this case, the implementation becomes either your determination or your previous experience and the experience that moves many women, often very far from the correct understanding of dance.

In such circumstances, you do not dance, and dream or imagine that dance. And dreams of a dance or in a certain imagination about it can be very long. But dance can not be invented, it can be expressed either understand the actions, or do not understand. However, in the first and in the second case also need certain conditions.
Self-realization in dance

The concept of implementation must be at the top of any action that makes a man, it should not move them initially. You can not from the outset be based on the implementation, since it would be a pipe dream as long as you do not reach naturalness. The naturalness itself determines the degree of filling, and human needs. And we must remember that each has its own degree of naturalness. Self-sufficiency of man comes from filling their actions, and after that follow the truth or wisdom.

Reaching the realization of the dance, you turn the action into the truth. You can say that you get over themselves or above themselves. This is a significant factor that is important and profound meaning. What does it mean to achieve wisdom? When you comprehend the truth and acquire real knowledge of what you are doing, you can strengthen and thinning effect, bring it to the very top centers set forth in the act of cognition.

That is, a person in this phase becomes a direct participant in the act of knowing when the action begins to fail him ever closer to the truth and wisdom. The aspect of human existence, expressed dance, and was initially focused precisely on a similar form of transformation.