The nature of creativity in dance

There is no question about who is doing, and what he does. Wrap it or a product? Dancing or just motion? After all movement is not yet a dance, it’s a tool of the dance. Can a person understand the dance, not being involved in it? And how can we talk about the aesthetics of perception based only on information or habit?

Dance – is primarily an expression of the inner. Woman dancing belly dance, based on the four manifested movement and four undeveloped. Here, there is a stop of the outer movements, but internally the dance continues. Dancing is a minute, ten minutes, an hour! You get up and leave because you fail to meet the visible. But maybe it is you are not ready? How and who can judge this? And whether we are on the right?

In order to define the dance, we should be able to participate, to empathize, to see, though, and feel without touching. The quality of water “Evian” is not determined by the aesthetics and content! Oddly, perhaps, to talk about art, not being in the understanding of ourselves.

However, in this paper in front of me is not easy task to disassemble the modern attitude towards art and criticize him. I’m talking primarily about the characters dance. Dance – it is poetry, it is the volume. Bellydance woman learns to dive in this volume, it becomes complicity. Only after this happens union, we can talk about a certain sequence of actions. Or rather, learn to relate to the volume of each action. This correlation, in the end, and determines the quality inspiration. How consistent quality, but with varying degrees of filling. And what then? Then begins the path.